Developmental coaching sessions

Become a healthier and more integrated human being

We all want to grow as human beings. By integrating our past into our present and by understanding and growing out of the patterns that keep us stuck, we improve our mental health and relationship dynamics.

Uncovering the behaviors and mindsets that keep you stuck can be difficult to process alone, your journey towards self discovery and actualisation can be helped with professional coaching where I can provide a safe space to explore your dilemmas.

My Approach

I offer trauma-informed developmental sessions, mainly based on NARM (the Neuro Affective Relationship Model) and Systemic Constellation work.


NARM is one of the most effective and up-to-date trauma-based therapies available today. It explores our unprocessed emotions that are expressed in bodily feelings and sensations, as well as our thoughts and behavior.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic coaching works with an awareness of the dynamics held in relational systems helping to shift our roles and identities that keep us stuck within them.

Illustration what the NARM model stands for

NARM is one of the most effective and up-to-date trauma-based therapies. It explores our unprocessed emotions that are expressed in bodily feelings and sensations, as well as our thoughts and behavior.

The foundations of our development become disrupted when our basic needs (connections, safety, love, autonomy) are not met as children. These disruptions are ever present and affect our relationships, health and identity. Instead of revisiting the past, we focus on the here and now and on how these disruptions, stil today, get in the way from our true wishes.

NARM develops our capacity to function in this world in a cohesive and integrated way. It allows us to live a life with an organized sense of self, and restores our capacity to show up consistently for our needs, intentions and desires.

The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection, health and aliveness. No matter how withdrawn and isolated we have become, on the deepest level, just as a plant spontaneously moves toward sunlight, there is in each of us an impulse toward connection and healing.
Laurence Heller, Founder of NARM

Systemic constellations works with the larger relationship field between people, it looks at the hidden patterns within systems be it family, organisations or cultural. Revealing these hidden dynamics can help shift our roles and identities that keep us stuck within these systems. Often bringing these dynamics into light is enough to bring about sustainable changes in groups and individuals.

When we look at our parents, then we see that behind them are their parents, and behind their parents are other parents, and so on through many generations. The same life flows through all of them until it reaches us.
Bert Hellinger


Sessions usually last 60 minutes, work can be either short term or open ended. Short term work is usually ideal to look at a specific issue in your life. Longer term may be more appropriate if you would like to achieve more significant change. Within longer term work we will regularly re-evaluate where the sessions are going and how you would like to proceed.

Book a session

Contact me to book a session or a free 15 minute consultation.


Intake: 15 min / free

Session: 1 hour / € 95 (private)

5 session package = € 450

Business coaching: € 125 (ex VAT)

The sessions have a maximum delay of 15 minutes, after this the
extra time will be charged at the hourly rate.


Inez Almeida

We chose a theme to work on making sure it was specific and clear, and worked from there in a decomposing and investigating manner to the core of what believe systems could be underlying below my personal challenge and desire.
The whole process was inviting, sensorial aware, clear and supportive. I got to literally feel my belief system created at 12 years of age and to feel how that was still playing a roll in my life despite it not being true. I felt how painful it was to have felt this way and with this new distance I could feel compassion and comfort my inner child and take steps into integration and release of that system… what a gift, what a transformative realisation and what a expansive calming feeling I experience in the end of the session.
Casimir guided and held space the entire time with clear questions, deep healing and a compassionate curious mind. I highly recommend working with him.

Charlotte B.

NARM is a subtle and deeply nourishing way to connect to young parts of you that may be asking for attention. Casimir is a safe, kind, highly attuned accompanier through this process of bringing yourself home and integrating unresolved experiences from the past. I felt whole, well and much more grounded and got enormous benefit and ease of being from the session, it was highly impactful.


Training Psychotherapy, Constellation, CoachingTeacher/instituteWebsite
Spiritual Psychotherapy, Embodiment, Meditation
(3 year certification training)
Systemic Coaching (1 year)Barbara
Family Constellation Teacher TrainingSvagito
NARM – Developmental Trauma (1 year)
Module 1 & 2
Dr. Laurence
NARM – Developmental Trauma (2 years)
Module 1, 2, 3, 4
Men’s Group workRobert A.
Embodied Coaching Training (3 months)Richard S.