Hi I’m Casimir, Facilitator & Coach
helping you get unstuck

I’m a complexity pilot, I organise people, creativity and energy so that collective intelligence emerges. This happens by designing and facilitating the process and by inviting people to make a shift.

As a developmental coach I support my clients in their personal development to achieve sustainable change that helps them get unstuck and move towards what they truly want for themselves.

  • Leadership & strategy development
  • Facilitation and learning design
  • Coaching developmental & systemic

I value the synergy between coaching and facilitation, they can work in tandem to bring the unseen to the forefront, and give individuals insights for sustainable change.


Trauma-sensitive developmental coaching to help you thrive in today’s complex and demanding world. I am available for personal, team or leadership coaching.


The facilitator’s purpose is to help a group increase its effectiveness by diagnosing and intervening on group process and structure. Book me as a facilitator, trainer or host.

Photos by: Rebekka Mell