Launch Four Circular Business Models

The Challenge

How might we accelerate re-commerce and rental business models and contribute to the fashion industry shift towards circular consumption models?

Our Approach

We guided 4 fashion brands Lindex, Asket, ETP and Kuyichi on a circular innovation process to help them design and launch rental and recommerce business model pilots.

They received 1-on-1 coaching and guidance and followed a bespoke training programme on the Circular Economy, Business Model Innovation and Change Leadership, led by a multi disciplinary team of circularity experts, design thinkers and researchers.

The project ran from 2019 to 2021. Which accumulated into ‘The Circular Toolbox‘ brings together tools and insights from the project into a practical guide for apparel brands looking to explore circular business models. Case studies of the journey and outcomes of the participating brands are available on the site. To learn more about Switching Gear, please visit the Circle Economy website.


  • 4 real pilots launched in the market
  • Trained 40 people in Design and Circular thinking
  • Design of the the Circular Toolbox for apparel industry
  • Growing the Enabling Network innovators frontrunning brands

Case studies

Asket’s Pursuit Of Less, slow down fashion

Lindex, The Sustainability Promise