Dutch Chamber Of Commerce – Innovation Leadership

The Challenge

How might we train 20 senior leaders from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in innovation mindset & new ways of working and teaming?

Our Approach

In a partnership with Hyper Island we started an intense 4 day team camp around the themes; immunity to culture change, psychological safety and building trust. Following up with multiple 1 day bootcamps (rebel mindset, hack your job, innovator toolbox) building up their Intrapreneurship capacity. 


By training 20 leaders in these new ways of working they now have a shared language and experience to share among a large number of their employees.


This program has brought enthusiasm, sparkling and stimulating leadership. It grew the participants in the “connect-create-learn-grow” mindset. The infectious “do, do, do” methodology has ensured that the Chamber of Commerce now has 20 senior project leaders with a new mindset who have the power and guts to realize innovative customer centric projects.

Rieneke Zijlstra

KvK strategic business partner HRM